Pixen wants a hug

What is PixenBot?

PixenBot began as a little side project where she would just eat all the cookies in your Discord chat.

The main point of this bot is to show off the cuteness of Derpixon’s OC: Pixen. She’s quite famous among people with wholesome tastes as an icon and maybe even as their idol.

It then tried to become an RPG but failed miserably because the amount of work was too much for just one person.

Nowadays PixenBot is a utility and game with various little features that were designed to help Derpixon’s server, the Sweet Shop, thrive and automate.

The current state of PixenBot

It’s slowly shaping up to be bot with many features for everyone to use.

The main cookie eating feature is (mostly) stable and bug-free. Let me know if you find any btw!

All the intertwined features such as experience, Gold coins, leaderboards, claiming, etc. Are all working together without too many crashes. (Working with network code is such a pain that it deserves a separate post).

Just yesterday, I released an update where everyone could invite Pixen to their server. So if you’d like to try it, it’s free and easy to use!

Technical aspects

I wrote this bot in C#, more specifically with Discord.Net. Why? Well, to be honest, I just took what was available to me at the time of making. And there’s currently no reason to switch over to another library.

There was only one single command at the start, the “🍪” command.

That wasn’t too hard and certainly didn’t require an entire website and its blog posts. But now if you go over to the commands page, you should be able to see at least 6 or 7 different features to indulge in!


More people, a lot of people finding out about PixenBot and using her would be amazing, that’s why we have a separate website to let more people know we exist!

But she’s not nearly done yet and writing this first blog post is just one of the many planned things that I want to announce.


Quite happy where we are right now with PixenBot.

It’s a functioning, stable Discord bot and I even had the time to do things like starting this blog.

Even though you might find that there are not nearly enough features available, I’m sure that eventually, we’ll reach a point where there’s too much to do!

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