How to get started

Prefix any command with p. for command help, you’d type in
Don’t use the brackets < > when using the commands.

Start your journey with the starter command and pick out anything from the list. You can’t catch any Pokémon or start battles without a starter. Set any Pokémon you catch later as your buddy.

Server owners / mods should start by setting everything in the serversettings command

You catch Pokémon by using the catch command and guessing its name, use the hint command if you forgot the name.

Catching a Pokémon gives you EXP en EV if you have set a buddy. ProjectCatcher supports the original IV and EV systems from the most recent Pokémon games. You can use any online calculator to see those stats.

Evolve your buddy Pokémon when it reaches the evolution requirements with the evolve commands.

Every Pokémon has its own personal id, use this number if a command asks for it. It is not linked to any of the stats of your Pokémon.

For server owners & mods

Enter the world of Pokémon through Discord!