How to use Pixen

Pixen’s unique feature is to eat cookies in the chat. Feed Pixen by typing :cookie: or :cookie: You’ll gain XP and coins by feeding Pixen or talking in chat.

Prefix any command with  ; for example ;help, but pinging Pixen works too @pixen help

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Go on!

Server mod commands

You need ManageMessages permission for this!

Support us

Donating helps us stay alive!

Thank you for using Pixen! You’re already awesome for using the bot in any way.

It costs money to keep her online so any amount will help us keep developing more features and maintaining Pixen. Thanks so much in advance!

Bot owner commands

Only the bot owner can use these commands

What is PixenBot?

PixenBot began as a little side project where she would just eat all the cookies in your Discord chat. The main point of this bot

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Let me eat cookies in your server!

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